Story time

What did I buy this time: Distance relationship bracelets


Price: 3.51€[3,87$]

Shipping: Free

Where: Aliexpress

SellerLove Eternal Jewelry Co LTD

Tortoises? 4/5

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful boyfriend, but I am not really that lucky, so he lives in another city which means that we don’t see each other as much as we’d like to.

The best part is that when we are apart we fight like those characters in YA books where they think that they hate each other, but it is obvious to everyone else that they will end up together. Doesn’t change the fact that those fights are annoying so to help us remember how much we truly care for one another I listened to my cheesy side and purchased those long distance relationship bracelets.

Most of them have just one ball of the other color, but I loved the idea of three because that makes the difference a bit more visible. So I got the ones with black and marble colored balls and when I received them I was very pleased even if the balls were smaller than I imagined they’d be.

When I met with my boyfriend the next time I gave him the bracelet right away. I knew he doesn’t really wear bracelets so I thought that maybe he would at least put it on a shelf in his room in a plain sight, but no. He actually wore it every single day just like I do.

How do I know that? Pretty soon after I gave him the bracelet we unexpectedly moved in together.

4 out of 5 tortoises because they look great, but kind of stuck on the fact that each material balls are slightly different size.

Oh and I will order again something like that because my boyfriend broke his while having fun with one of those punching machine games, lucky seller.

PS. Sorry about posting this day later than I should’ve, it’s just that yesterday was a very busy day with my better half.


Being fancy the cheap way

What did I buy this time that day: White wrist watch with golden elements


Price: 1.67€ [1.85$]

Shipping: FREE [you love it, don’t you]

Where: Aliexpress


Tortoises? 5/5

As you can see in the picture above – I have a fabulous wrist watch, don’t I? But the thing about this precious, not so precious item is that this is not new.

I ordered it some day in September 2016, and after around 9 months it still works! Probably just in spite of those who keep shouting out that everything made in China will break within a week, but hey, whatever floats its boat, right?

I’ve been wearing it daily and it still works perfectly and looks amazing. Taking a step back from it, it sure does look way more expensive than it actually was, but if you look closer, you can see that it is a simple watch and all of the other time measurements are just a background, wallpaper to my watch if I may say so.

I think this stubborn wrist watch deserves five out of five tortoises because it works really good, looks great and was so freakin’ cheap. So yes, if I had to I would suggest this to a random stranger in a bus stop.

Smiling like a stoner who’s high,


New blog? Let’s start with stickers!

What did I buy this time: Pack of 70 space themed stickers


Price: 0.74€ [0.80$]

Shipping: A bit more than a month.

Where: Aliexpress

Seller10 dollar Novelty stationery store

Tortoises? 4/5

Ok, so recently enough trying to get my life together like a good little girl (which I didn’t, of course), I purchased a beeaaauuutiful black spiral planner with golden dots on it. Before we get into this, I must confess that I have some problems with office/school supplies, call them whatever you want, but I just can’t stop loving them with all of my heart. Last time I counted my pens a few years ago? I had over 300. So I believe it is safe to say that yes, I do have a problem. More than one, but let’s not scare you away so soon.

So as you can assume I needed some darn cool stickers for my darn cool planner, so here we are, looking in my memories where I’m about to order these not too small, not too big space themed stickers. The first thing I fell in love was the price, then of course the design (logic, right?). They aren’t that fancy to be on a piece of sheet, but that is great, because that is really compact. And 70 pieces for 74 cents? I don’t know about you, but from where I come this is a really great deal.

-Packaging? Nice.

-Design? Beautiful.

– Size? Perfect

– Stickiness? Is that even a word? Surprisingly wonderful.

– So why 4 out of 5 tortoises?

You see, I am skeptical giving 5 out of 5 for anything, because my mind is opened for the thought that one day I will receive something even better and what will I do then? 6/5? Yeah, right. So At the end of the day if there is something that could be even a bit better, I leave that 1 tortoise for improvement. /Oh, yeah, tortoises are my rating measurements/ *Quality of the print. No matter how beautiful they are, they are kind of foggy, blurry (no, not just because I am a bad photographer), not the HD we all would like to see.

Overall? Loved it! Can’t tell you anything about the seller, because didn’t really need to contact him,  so I’m neutral, but the product is great, I love it, and I will defiantly order more!!!

with all the love,